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The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is a local self-government that operates under the Bombay Provincial Municipal Act, 1949. The corporation is responsible for carrying out all the obligatory and discretionary functions entrusted to it by the act. Surat became one of the first municipalities in India in 1852 and was converted into a municipal corporation in 1966 under the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation (BPMC) Act, 1949.

As the principal facilitator and provider of services in Surat, the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is committed to enhancing the city's quality of life. With the fastest population growth and high-speed economic development, SMC has adopted the best urban management practices to respond to the challenges. Through visionary leadership and strong citizen support, SMC has played an instrumental role in the transformation and growth of the city. Its aim is to deliver modern, accountable, transparent, and progressive governance to its citizens.

The SMC GIS Portal is a user-friendly platform available on the SMC website that provides various information to the citizens of Surat and the entire nation. Citizen and others can access GIS Portal features a variety of data layers, including remote sensing imagery and an open street map (OSM) base map, town planning, town development, infrastructure, demographics, topography, and public amenities. Users can explore the data using interactive maps, perform spatial queries, and generate custom reports. The GIS technique is used in SMC for urban planning, building permission, demography, topography, utility data like water supply, drainage etc.

The SMC GIS Portal serves as a resource for citizens, government agencies, and other organizations to gain a better understanding of Surat's geography and make informed decisions regarding urban planning, infrastructure development, and service delivery.

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